I would do anything to be able to have you lay in my arms once again. Anything at all.

When someone loses everything, what are they supposed to do?

I feel like I’m not worth it. Not worth fighting for. And that’s a terrible feeling.

Someone, anyone, please. Help me get the girl of my dreams back to me. Get her to want me again. Cupid, where are you?

My hopes on you taking me back are slowing down. If she has to explain, then there is no good answer. The only thing I want to hear from her is come back to me. Be mine again. Please you’re all I want. All I ever want. You and only you.

Please, take me back.

All I can think about is the way you look at me after I kissed you. The way you smile, laugh, just every single thing about you, I love every single part of you. You’re my everything.

My heart still stops and sinks every time i get a text from you. 

This was our song. 


I swear, if I had one more chance, I’d make it better than ever before.